Technical support

The territory of the complex is fenced, video surveillance is installed around the perimeter and in the buildings, between the buildings there is a parking for 87 cars with the possibility of expanding to 120.
Also in the territory there is a technical building, a boiler house building and its own transformer substation with a backup diesel generator set. In the technical building, with a total area of 320 square meters. m. on the ground floor there are warm garage boxes, on the second floor there is a laundry room, rooms, a kitchen, showers and bathrooms for staff.

Thermal energy

A modern modular boiler room is installed on the site, equipped with two Buderus boilers of 500 kW each. Taking into account the last heating season, the boiler house was used at 65%.
The boiler house has a 5.3 kW diesel generator set, as well as a reserve tank filled with diesel fuel, in case of interruptions in gas supply.

Electric power

An own transformer substation is mounted and commissioned at the site, in which there are 2 transformers of 400 kVA each.
Permitted power 350 kW with the possibility of increasing.
50 kW diesel generator set as a backup power source.

Water supply

Allowed consumption of 270 cubic meters / month. A significant reserve has been laid (from the city networks of Gorvodokanal a pipeline with a diameter of 100 mm).
Hot water is supplied from a gas boiler.

Water disposal

Sewer-pumping station with supply to the pressure header (2 pipes with a diameter of 325 mm). Drainage is carried out in a city pressure head collector. In the sewage pumping station, 2 SEG pumps with a capacity of 46 cubic meters / day each are installed.